Betting on soccer draws

I want to start a new betting research which will be connected with draws in football matches. What am I going to search for? Teams sometimes fall in series of consecutive draws and such series can continue until four, five and sometimes even up to 6 consecutive draws. At least I’ve seen this with some teams and I suppose you have seen some too.

So, what exactly will I look for? I will find matches in which one or both opponents have a long series of draws, let’s say three consecutive draws, and I will bet on their next match for a draw. The usual odds for a draw are between 3.2 and 3.6. So I need a success rate of about 28 betting on drawspercents. It is not small, but it could be done, I believe. Moreover, sometimes one of the teams will be a huge favorite and then the rate could jump to 4 and sometimes even more.

Now comes the question how to find these matches? Of course, there is an option where every morning I check all the matches of today’s betting coupons. However, it won’t be easy because we talk about two hundred matches on ordinary days and above three hundred at weekends. It is too much effort just for a sample.

There are betting sites that offer tracking sequences, but they offer only tracking for the matches of this season. I want to follow the matches between the teams from previous seasons too. When we have three consecutive draws in the last three meetings between the teams we can safely bet for a draw between them. At least that seems logical.

The question is how to find this information with minimum efforts. I checked some sites and I didn’t see such a service. If anyone knows such betting site I will be happy if your share it. Otherwise remains the option to pay for someone to make me a script with which to check for the information I need. This seems the most painless way to have the needed information.

I will dig a bit more and see what will come out. May be this video can help.

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