Win for Litex at 4.5

The championship of Bulgaria starts today and this start will be with one of the biggest derbies in Bulgaria – the match between Litex and CSKA. More precisely said it was a derby in the recent years, as both teams were wracked by serious crises that inevitably weakened their squads.

What should you know about this game? Look at different betting houses and you will see that this match is hard to be found. There are just few bookies which offer odds for it. This is very important because after the Bulgarian Football Union decided to penalize CSKA, they have decided to play with juniors at this match. It seems this is a sure win for the host. However, the match can still be found in the 4-5 betting houses and the odds for a victory of Litex are around 4.5.

Is it worth betting on this game? According to many you can hardly find such a secure victory for a team with such huge odds. But is it possible thatbetting something is wrong here? It is quite possible, so be careful and do not bet very large sums. At least you risk after the match your bet to be cancelled from the bookmaker and you will have risked your money for nothing. Things like that have happened before.

My advice for this game is to bet on home win at odds of 4.5. However, the amount of your bet should be quite normal. Like every other bet. If you do that even if something goes wrong you won’t risk a large sum of money and if you win just ask yourself when the last time was you won a game with 4.5 odds.

Keep in mind that Litex will also play with a team full of teenagers. The owner of the team has problems with the state and at the end of the last season stopped funding. So Litex began to rely on more players from their own school and stopped looking at the transfer market.

For all that has been said above I recommend you to bet for the host with odds of 4.5. Make a normal bet with the usual percentage of your bankroll.

PS Watch this video from the biggest win for Litex over CSKA – 8:0

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